Wisdom Is Knowing The Meaning Of Words

The CIA is accusing Russia of doing exactly what the CIA does.  There’s a grim irony to this. The CIA is accusing Russia of interfering in our free and fair elections to install a right-wing candidate it deemed more favorable to its interests. Yet during the Cold War, that’s exactly what the CIA did to the rest of the world. Most Americans probably don’t know that history. But in much of the world it’s a crucial part of how Washington is viewed even today.


Wisdom is know the meaning of words.

The field services industry offers some great opportunities. But, you have to know where to look. Wisdom is knowing how to read and how to listen to what is said. Wisdom is knowing the real meaning of words when you read a job posting at a Yahoo Group or Craigslist. Click on the below link and listen to the audio. The audio will give you a clear understanding of why you need to avoid the low-fee mortgage inspections.

LISTEN to the AUDIO  >>>>

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