The Mortgage Segment Has Slowed To A Crawl … Mortgage Inspection Fees Are At Record Lows



Low interest rates, more loan modifications and an improving economy has resulted in ten years lows in mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures. The mortgage segment is the home of $3 mortgage inspections and 99.5% of all of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry.

Times have changed. You don’t go to Erol’s Video or Blockbuster video anymore to rent a movie. They are out of business. Online streaming is here.

You don’t go to the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) for mortgage inspections. It’s just not the place to be. The fees are too low and you will wear out your car driving through the bad neighborhoods … the home of many of the mortgage inspections. MOMs will send you out of your service area and into rural areas where the roads have no street signs. Even the Google mapping vehicles get lost.

Stream videos and move to the higher quality firms that pay the higher fees. Get connected with the better firms in the industry.




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