Make More Money With $3 Mortgage Inspections In 2017

The profit on a $3 mortgage inspection is “maybe” $1.50. You cannot afford to waste any time while you are in the field. “Time is money”. Take lunch with you and eat behind the wheel. Upload your photos while stopped at every traffic signal. Send short Facebook messages to your friends while stopped at traffic signals. You are going to be assigned some out of area rural inspections … so be sure the “bumper dumper” is in the trunk. Stopping at a gas station to take a dump will waste a lot of time and cost you money. Just find a rural dirt road. Taking these time-saving actions could increase your profit about 10-cents to $1.60. That’s a lot of money when your profit is only about $1.50 for a mortgage inspection. You can probably make your own bumper dumper. And, guess what? Gas prices will be higher in 2017 … so you need to save money.

Maybe you should just make a new year’s resolution to avoid $3 mortgage inspections. Work for the higher quality firms that pay the higher fees.


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