2017 … Be Sure To eat Healthy … And Work Healthy


This is a photo of some pieces of a naval orange … a blood red navel orange from my orange tree. I only have one tree and not 100 acres of trees. These oranges are loaded with vitamin C and are great for your health. Make sure you eat healthy in 2017.

Also, make sure that you work healthy in 2017. Avoid the low-fee mortgage inspections that pay about $3 and “maybe” yield a profit of $1.50. The mortgage segment is the home of 95.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. You could work for a month and not get paid. It happens.

Eat healthy and work healthy in 2017. Keep me up to date on your progress. Update your SOFI membership. Do it NOW! Text your name, cell and email to 3524491041. Or, email dorann@law.name


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