Wisdom Is Knowing The Real Meaning Of Words

Below are some comments posted online about a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM). It says a lot about what can happen to you when dealing with MOMs.

“Very unprofessional company. I say this because the people that they put in charge represent the company. They start by giving you a few local inspections then begin to escalate the orders by giving you more that are farther away. When this is brought to their attention they say, you must complete all orders in your area. So spend $20 to make $12. They will also say, you are paid every two weeks but they don’t tell you it takes almost 6 weeks for the first check. It was also said that any rush jobs would pay more. I got a job that was due the next day, so I ran out the same day to get it done. When I asked what it paid, they say the same. Since it doesn’t say rush, you don’t get paid more. I emailed all admin to inquire with no responses. Today when I go to check the amount still due to me, my account is disabled. I’ve done inspection for 20 years and have never had this many problems with a company.”



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