Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) May Soon Issue Whistles For High-Crime Areas


The Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) are taking a lot of heat from SOFI for ordering mortgage field service inspectors to perform $3 mortgage inspections in high-crime areas. They are having a tough time finding field inspectors that are willing to risk injury or their life for a $3 inspection … with “maybe” a profit of $1.50.

I suspect that the MOMs will soon start issuing a whistle to their inspectors and suggest that it will prevent injury and save lives. When you enter these high-crime areas, be sure to have the whistle in your mouth and at the ready. A good set of track shoes would also be very helpful. Of course, the police remain outside of the high-crime areas so they will not hear the whistle. The whistle will not work … will it? Maybe, it is just best to avoid high-crime areas.

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