Dow Cracks 20,000 … For The First Time Ever


I said in an earlier post that 2017 will be a great year … that I feel it in my bones. Today, the DOW cracked 20,000. I have seen some early indications that inspection fees have started to increase as there is a shortage of field inspectors in some areas. Field inspectors are saying “NO” to the low fee mortgage inspections. They have learned how to price their work and they say “NO” more often. Leave the low-pay stuff for your competition. Keep them busy with low-fee inspections while you grab the higher fee inspections from the higher quality firms.

About 53.5 cents a mile and $23 an hour … drive time and on-site time … are good baseline numbers. Get some training in specialized areas and earn more. Set up some adjunct businesses like notary signings and mystery shopping … only the best parts. Work smart. Network with other field inspectors and share information. Information is POWER!

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