Everyone Is Pushing Polycarbonate As A Replacement For Plywood In Boarding Windows


Looking back at all of my time in property preservation I only boarded one broken glass window. That foreclosure property was in Woodbridge, Virginia. I only have experience with boarding one window with plywood … bolt boarded. I can still remember the house. There was  dead gray squirrel in one of the upper bedrooms.

If you work in the better neighborhoods like I did, you may never have to board a window. I also never tapped a roof. Travel in good neighborhoods is safer. I did not have to haul big sheets of plywood with me. Broken windows is a sign of bad neighborhoods. None of the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) pay extra for travel into a crime infested neighborhoods.

Breaking into a home by smashing a window is a crime. If you cut crime in a neighborhood, there will be fewer windows to board. Maybe, these crime infested areas need better city majors and other Government officials. Chicago is a great example. On January 24th, with still a week left in January, Chicago logged 228 shootings and 42 killed. Who would want to enter these killing zones to plywood or polycarbonate board broken windows. When I flew in the Navy I was paid flight pay and combat pay when flying into a designated war zone. Chicago has war zones.

The problem is not broken windows, the problem is a broken system. The solution is not polycarbonate.

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