Cutting Grass On A Hot Summer Day … Be Sure To Stay Hydrated … Know How Much To Charge Your Customer!


I talked to one property preservation mechanic who was getting $7.50 for a grass cut from a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM). Common sense should have told him that he was not making any money … but, rather losing money on every grass cut. It’s important to know what the Government allows for a grass cut.

The HUD guidelines say that in Connecticut, the cost allowable for an initial grass cut on a small lot (less than 10,000 SF) is $100. The recut allowance is $95. This is the amount that HUD pays for a grass cut. Allowing for a 20% discount, the property preservation mechanic should be getting $80 on an initial cut.

Information is POWER. You will find all of the Government property preservation guidelines at Stop the MOMs from beating you up on the prices for property preservation tasks by knowing what the Government pays for all property preservation tasks.

Why are you leaving so much money on the table for the MOM? They are killing you!


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