The Push Towards Polycarbonate For Boarding Windows


It’s 2017. The talk on the property preservation blogs is that plywood is out and polycarbonate is the required boarding material in some locations such as Ohio. This new policy on polycarbonate boarding will probably spread to other locations. Tests have shown that 3/16 polycarbonate will do the job for boarding windows. It’s available at Home Depot and Lowes.

I am sure that some of the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) will start pushing their own polycarbonate products and maybe even start demanding that their independent contractors buy from them. It has already happened with insurance. Some of the MOMs will tell you where you must purchase your insurance. The mortgage segment is DEAD so the MOMs need to make money selling polycarbonate to their independent contractors … or are they really employees? Does an independent contractor become an employee when they get their shop materials from the MOM? I’m sure that your provider of materials will not be affiliated with the MOM … they will work out a legal separation.

Polycarbonate is much more expensive than plywood. You can purchase polycarbonate at Home Depot. You can order online and pick it up at a local store. Set up a Home Depot commercial account and you get fuel discounts, 60-days to pay and 1-year returns. Veterans are eligible for 10% off on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. Retired military can get 10% off on any day of the week. The MOMs selling polycarbonate will not be able to compete with Home Deport or Lowes … so they will demand that you buy from them. If you want work from them … you must buy your polycarbonate from them. It’s going to happen. Their club members will help it happen. Labor will lose again.




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