Mortgage Inspections Have Aged Badly Over The Last 25 Years … They Pay Less Today … With More Requirements


Mortgage inspections have not aged very well. A drive-by mortgage inspection pays less today that it did 25 years ago. My inflation calculator says a mortgage drive-by inspection should pay at least $11 … much more in rural and high-crime areas. Today the average fee is $3.

Think of mortgage inspections like Hollywood actors who have not aged well over the last 25 years. Mortgage inspections paid more 25 years ago … without all of today’s photo requirements. Today the average mortgage inspection pays $3 and requires about 7 photos. You may have to climb a fence to get those required backyard photos. An inspector emailed me this week about getting a $250 chargeback from a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) on a job from 2014.

Get that required back of the house photo. Rocky is hiding behind the shed and waiting for you. Or, maybe you have walked into the club house backyard BBQ of the “L-Street” gang.


What would Hitler think of $3 mortgage inspections?

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