Extreme Vetting … Stay Out Of Trouble In The Mortgage Segment


I served as a Naval Flight Officer in the Navy and collected radar and signals intelligence on selected foreign countries. I was vetted before I entered the Navy and I was vetted throughout my twenty years in the Navy. I was vetted when I worked for eight years for Computer Sciences Corporation and E-Systems. When I was in the Navy, investigators would talk to the people I worked with and they would visit my neighborhood and talk to my neighbors asking about me, my wife and my children. I was polygraphed at the National Security Agency (NSA) in Fort Mead, Maryland when I worked at E-Systems. I guess you could say that a polygraph was extreme vetting. I had no problem with the extreme vetting. It come along with my job.

The mortgage segment is the home of 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. Sure, there is some good… but, most of the talk is about the bad. There are some real monsters in the industry that have no concern for you. EXTREME VETTING is required in the mortgage segment to protect you from the monsters. Ask a firm for inspector references and call them. If they will not provide references … then walk away. Some screening websites are Foreclosurepedia … the Better Business Bureau … GlassDoor … use Google to get to the websites. Search Craigslist as you will sometimes find feedback on ugly Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs).

Avoid working for other mortgage inspectors. A person in the middle means a paycut. If the mortgage inspector you are working for does not get paid … you do not get paid.

Some of you will email me or make Facebook comments or blog comments because I used the term extreme vetting in a blog post. My use of the word has nothing to do with politics, but, some will go there. I love the attention and comments as my rankings with Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines will skyrocket.




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