Foreclosurepedia: Sheets Of Simple Polycarbonate Are Available On The Open Market


Paul Williams is one of the smartest guys in the field services industry and a great friend of labor. Follow Foreclosurepedia and stay out of trouble. We love you Paul … keep the blog posts coming. Below is what Paul posted recently. Some of the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) tell you were you MUST buy your insurance. NOW, you will be told where you MUST obtain your polycarbonate (PC).

From the beginning, the reality is that while both SecureView and InvisiBoard may have unique models for affixing the product, the reality is that both are simply sheets of polycarbonate. And from what Foreclosurepedia is being told, neither are bona fide Makrolon products as they are both manufactured with recycled materials thus reducing the opacity of the material.

And with so many competing narratives with respect to how to address blight, one has to ask why not simply cut the grass and replace the windows? At the end of the day, the problem always has been and always will be too many people trying to make a quick dollar off the backs of the victims. What I mean is that at all levels of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, intermediaries attempt to both add unnecessary products, such as clear boarding, which Labor and homeowners foot the bill for as well as force administrative, cost based tasks such as background checks which are not required by municipal, county, state or federal governments. And these costs are not trivial. At nearly one hundred dollars a pop, the background checks, alone, are a cash cow bringing in millions of dollars a year. Are they overpriced? Well, Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), which is the only provider whom has been sanctioned by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), charges only seven dollars for a general contractor’s background check in Arizona. The identical check in this Industry, provided by AGS, is nearly one hundred dollars.

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