Foreclosurepedia Is “Persona Non-Grata” at NAMFS

Foreclosurepedia says they are “persona non grata” at NAMFS. Persona Non-Grata is an abbreviation for the ageless Latin term for an unwelcome or disagreeable person, meaning literally a “person not pleasing”.

Paul Williams is one of the smartest people I know in the field services industry. I read his blog every day … sometimes twice a day … and I learn more every day. He is very direct and honest. He tells it like it is. He is a great friend of Labor. NAMFS would be a much better organization if the executive director and board members paid attention to the advice of Paul Williams. I like to learn from others. If Paul Williams has some advice for me I would love to hear it. His advised is “welcomed” … “exspectata” in Latin

The Mortgage Segment is the home of $3 mortgage inspections and 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry.

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