Mortgage Inspections … Go Back … You Are Going The Wrong Way … You Will Get Hurt!

The Mortgage Segment is the home of $3 mortgage inspections and 99.5% of the fraud, games, greed and corruption in the industry. Many of the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) are wrecking the lives of seniors, females and minorities. Many of the MOMs will use every excuse thinkable to not pay for work performed. I talked to a mortgage inspector today who is owed about $400 and the MOM will not pay and they will not respond to his communications to them. Back to the whole point of this blog post.

Just avoid the low-fee mortgage inspections and you will live a happier life. Don’t become a victim! Your success and happiness is determined by the decisions YOU make. Life is tough … it is really tough if you are stupid. You are not going to make any real money with low-fee mortgage inspections. It’s not going to happen.


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