NAMFS Publishes Survey Online Dealing With The Mortgage Segment

 The survey asked 45 respondents to itemize their overhead/expenses when performing mortgage inspections. The survey said the overhead/expenses were: Fuel: 38% … Compliance: 5% … Tech: 3% … Insurance: 8% … Office labor: 25% … Office Facilities: 15% … Training: 5%. The overhead/expense numbers add up to 99%.

I assume that the One Percent that is not listed as overhead/expenses is the PROFIT. That survey says the profit on $100 in billed mortgage inspections is ONE DOLLAR. Maybe the survey was bad or maybe it was good. You decide!

In the same survey, 100% of the survey respondents said that the window/door boarding of foreclosure homes was NOT PROFITABLE.

Read the survey and come up with your own conclusions. Tell me what I may have missed.

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