Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) Need To Stop Sending Field Inspectors To High-Crime Neighborhoods

In Chicago, 7 people were killed in one high-crime neighborhood in 12 hours. The Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) need to stop sending unqualified, untrained and unprotected field service inspectors to such high-crime neighborhoods. MOMs are paying $3 for a mortgage inspection is some of the most dangerous crime areas in the world … Chicago. These $3 mortgage inspectors are operating in combat zones.

There is also something wrong with mortgage inspectors who are risking their life for $3. Actually, the profit is “maybe” $1.50, so they are risking their life for $1.50. I am going to be blunt and say that they are really “STUPID”. Stupid is as stupid does! The MOMs won’t change. But, maybe mortgage field service inspectors will get smart. Or, not!


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