Thicker Is Not Required Or Better Says Fannie-Mae

I watched a YouTube video today that said that Fannie-Mae has approved the use of 3/16-inch polycarbonate (PC) for boarding windows in pre-foreclosure homes. Fannie-Mae officially said that they will allow a minimum of 3/16th inch polycarbonate clear board. Fannie Mae is open to the development and use of other products, but requires that those products be demonstrated in the field and approved by Fannie Mae prior to use. Fannie-Mae further stated that acrylic and Plexiglass products are not acceptable and 2x4s are not an acceptable bracing method. NAMFS needs to become more balanced and not just push the products of their member Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs). NAMFS needs to promote alternatives for bracing with hardware stock materials for Fannie-Mae approval.

Some of the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) are pushing 1/4-inch polycarbonate with trademark (TM) names. Thicker polycarbonate is more expensive and is NOT required. Polycarbonate is polycarbonate. There is a long list of manufacturers, suppliers and distributers. When a MOM provides PC materials to you through an owned affiliate,  they are “controlling” you and in that sense they are really hiring you as an “employee” … so says federal court case law and the IRS … and not as an independent contractor. Talk to a tax attorney and the IRS for tax advice. Some of the MOMs want more and more control over you … they have become very “controlling”. I expect that the MOM that told you where you MUST purchase your insurance will also tell you where you MUST purchase your PC.

You would not purchase a wide-screen television without shopping around first at Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon. The polycarbonate (PC) materials for a clear boarding task for a single home could cost more that a Samsung 65-inch curved screen 4K television. Shop around for the best price on clear boarding PC materials. Look for discounts and financing. Competition will create lower prices. The lower-priced 3/16-inch polycarbonate is available through both Home Depot and Lowes. Both offer a 10% discount every day for retired military personnel. Veterans get a 10% discount on special holidays. You know how long it takes for a MOM to pay for a property preservation job. Both Home Depot and Lowes offer great financing. I don’t expect the MOMs selling PC will offer any special financing. Don’t waive your right to file a mechanic’s lien.

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