Measuring A Trip To The Movies Compared To $3 Mortgage Inspection Profits

I like to measure the cost of going to the movies in terms of the number of $3 mortgage inspections it takes to pay for some fun at the movies. It’s Tuesday and Dorann and I went to the movies to see Kong: Skull Island in Melbourne. The prices during the week are reasonable. We spent $16 total for two tickets, two medium popcorns and 1 large soda. It takes the profit from about 7 of the $3 mortgage inspections. For 2 people on the weekend, it takes about 14 of the $3 mortgage inspections for the movie theater. For a family of 4 on the weekend, the cost to attend the movie theater would be the profit from about 28 of the $3 mortgage inspections.

Of course, profits only begin after the $1,265 for a background check and insurance is paid upfront. This expense will dissolve the profit from about 833 of the $3 mortgage inspections.

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