Foreclosures Fall Below Pre-recession Levels

The mortgage segment is dryer than that 10-year old piece of dry pizza you found when cleaning under the refrigerator. The fraud, greed and corruption in the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) is growing. The mortgage segment is the home of $3 mortgage inspections and 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. You should network with the many mortgage inspectors who have not been paid by deadbeat MOMs. Mortgage inspectors break their butt and wear out their car with low-fee mortgage inspections and then don’t get paid. The truth is that mortgage inspectors have created all of the problems in the mortgage segment just because they knowingly work for some of the worst firms in the industry and then do nothing when they don’t get paid.

New data shows U.S. foreclosure activity has hit its lowest point since 2006. Now below pre-recession levels nationwide, there was an 11-percent drop in foreclosure filings in Q1 2017. Nearly half of all metro markets have also fallen below pre-recession levels.

The mortgage segment is drying up fast. Fraud is at record levels. It can only get uglier. You will get hurt!

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