Working For Peanuts Hauling Debris Makes You STUPID!

One Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) is offering $14 a cubic yard for debris removal. The average Government cost allowable for debris removal is about $50 a cubic yard (CY). When a firm is offering you $14 a CY, they are making all of the money and you are losing your butt. Do the math! You usually have to haul the trash to a landfill and many landfills have dumping fees. Your time is valuable … IT HAS A PRICE. The IRS says it costs you about 53.5 cents a mile to operate your vehicle. You have other expenses. You pay federal and state taxes on your income. All of the MOMs require you to have insurance. You are making ZERO profit at $14 a CY. Don’t be STUPID! Let your competition waste their time with hauling debris for $14 a CY.

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