Foreclosurepedia: California State Controller’s Office Begins Industry Collections On Misclassification Of Employees

The California State Controller‘s office has begun to contact multiple misclassified contractors to get them paid by MCS and Assurant. Eventually, all State Controllers will do the same under Wage Theft laws bringing down the financial terrorism which Eric Miller and his National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime have been pushing for over a decade!

The National Employment Law Project says that “Employers in an increasing number of industries misclassify their employees as independent contractors, denying them the protection of workplace laws, robbing unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation funds of billions of much-needed dollars, and reducing federal, state and local tax withholding and revenues, while saving as much as 30% of payroll and related taxes otherwise paid for “employees.”  If undetected, employees miss out on unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, fair pay, and other workplace protections. States and the federal government lose billions in revenues.  Misclassification also hurts law-abiding employers who play by the rules but are under-bid and out-competed.”


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