Everyone Has A Plan ‘Till They Get Punched In The Mouth …. Mike Tyson

Everyone has a plan to make money with the $3 mortgage inspections. It sounds like a great plan until you receive the first punch in the mouth or kick to your head. A mortgage inspector received the below email from a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) with a cash flow problem. She is out about $700. It’s best to avoid the mortgage segment … the home of 99.5% of all of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry. The profit on a $3 mortgage inspection is “maybe” $1.50. Don’t wear out your car.

I apologize for the unusually long delays.  It’s a long story, but I’ll summarize.  [MOM name redacted] was caught up in a bad investment (from about two years ago), which really took a toll on our finances over the past year.  It put the company far behind in the past several weeks, but we do have good news.  We have been able to separate the company from this bad business investment.  It did cause the company to fall 3-4 weeks behind on payments.  This has been a huge issue for all of us, and I know it has been very challenging for many of our Field Reps.

The best news is that we have been told that all overdue checks will be mailed no later than today, and we should be back on track by the end of this week.  I am very confident you will received any delayed checks within a matter of a few days.  Again, I apologize for any problems this caused, and we really appreciate your patience.  I am very confident that the worst of this issue is behind us, and we’ll be getting back on schedule moving forward.

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