Are Cheerleaders & Mortgage Inspectors “Employees” & NOT Independent Contractors?

Do the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) conspire to control and keep inspection and property preservation fees low? The average mortgage inspection pays about $3 and requires 7 digital photos. About $1,265 is required upfront for a background check and insurance. Most of the MOM overhead is shifted to the inspector. Do the Mortgage Order Mills meet yearly and conspire to control mortgage inspectors and keep mortgage inspection fees low? You decide! Inspections requiring much less work paid more about 25 years ago.

Be sure to follow Foreclosurepedia to get the straight scoop on what is happening with all of the class action court judgements and upcoming cases in the mortgage segment. Another big federal court case will be concluded in a few more weeks and will probably align with two previous federal court cases. You might want to join one of the upcoming class action suits. There are many more coming. Change is here!

Be sure to donate to Paul Williams at Foreclosurepedia. SOFI donates as Paul is a great friend of LABOR. Let’s end the fraud, greed and corruption in the mortgage segment of the industry.

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