The Ocwen Investor Lawsuits Have Started … Let The Tsunami Begin!

Ocwen stock crashed about 60% last week. The greedy pig is now on life support. There will not be any money after the class action suites are adjudicated. Ocwen will not survive their incompetence. They have had many chances to change their ways and they just cannot get it right. Stay away from the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) getting work from Ocwen. The tsunami is crashing on the shores of the mortgage segment. Head for high ground or you will not survive.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lundin Law PC, a shareholder rights firm, announces a class action lawsuit against Ocwen Financial Corporation (“Ocwen” or the “Company”) (NYSE:OCN) concerning possible violations of federal securities laws between May 11, 2015 and April 19, 2017 inclusive (the “Class Period”). Investors who purchased or otherwise acquired shares during the Class Period should contact the firm in advance of the June 20, 2017 lead plaintiff motion deadline.

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  1. I am not sure how to tell you so much about an 8 yr foreclosure case, but I will do my best to keep it short. WE NEVER MISSED ONE PAYMENT.
    Was served a foreclosure notice in May of 2008. We never received a single notice before this action. Our mortgage was bought and sold 3 times with in about a year. Our last mortgage statement shows no past due balance and that we were current. Our attorney contacted the mortgage company at the time Citi Residential. They were taken back because they showed no reason for the foreclosure. We received a letter from them saying the foreclosure would stop and to continue to make our payments and this problem would be resolved.
    Deutsche Bank now is taken over the loan. Their servicing company is American Home Mortgage services. They then changed their name to Homeward Residential very shortly after that name change, Ocwen Services bought Homeward. As you may know Deutsche Bank and Ocwen have been fined billions of dollars for fraud and many other charges.
    We have had nearly 30 hearings with 5 different Judges. 2 meditations. 4 law firm changes by opposing side. 5 court orders to produce documents and metadata to support their claims that we did not make one payment since 2007. Not ONE court order was ever answered. Again for the past 8 yrs we never stopped making our payments.Our last hearing Judge imposed sanctions on Ocwen for misleading the court and paid nearly $70,000 to my attorney.Trial was set our Jury request was denied. The Judge then said if the court orders were not answered at trial that it would weigh heavily in her decision. 2 weeks before trial our judge was replaced with no explanation. The new trial judge did not have nearly enough time to understand this complicated case. The same evidence that the 5 previous judges saw who examined it and said it was good solid evidence,all the cancelled checks, bank statements ACH, etc. The trial judge said that they were not notarized and was not entered into evidence. All previouse court orders one being a self executed order were all denied. We lost all of our counter claims and the trial. We were completely devastated.
    The 5th District Court of Appeals was now given our case. 17 mo passed and we were contacted by the court and was advised that opposing council did not upload the documents from the lower court trial to to the 5th DCA. They were given 25 days to do so. When they did not answer that letter, The 5th DCA issued a court order for the documents. They never answered that order or respond in any way. A few days later they issued their ruling.
    Per Curiam Affirmed NO Opinion. Our case was over. No further appeal to the Supreme Court no anything. They are going with the lower courts decision of foreclosure. This is so unbelievably unfair and unjustifiable. We have so much more evidence since the trial and we could not use it. They sent us 1099 interest statements, an independent foreclosure review board letter and many other things.
    We have filed a complaint with the Attorney General Of Florida which has opened a case. The Governors Office. With the help of Senator Marco Rubios office we filed a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Attorney General of The United States who referred it to the Florida State Attorneys office who transferred it to the FBI. We also filed a complaint with the Judicial Qualifications Committee in Tallahassee. We sent them nearly 1200 pages about the case and all evidence. These filings happened 8 months ago.
    Now this lawsuit has been filed. My home goes up for sale in a few more weeks. I have lived in this home for 25 yrs. I just hope it is not too late for me, but I am happy that Ocwen could be gone forever. I feel that my 8 yrs of hard work of obtaining all of our evidence helped bring this case together.
    Michael Mannino
    P.S I have attached a video from our local newscast about our case.

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