Some Of The Mortgage Order Mills Are On A Fishing Expedition

Ignore the emails from the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) that tell you that you missed a leaking roof on your inspection 3 years ago and that you owe them money for interior damage from the leaking roof. They are just fishing. Why did it take them 3 years to determine that there was a problem. It’s a scam. They most likely have no real evidence, time or money to go after you. So a judge is going to decide a case filed 3 years late in their favor. What do you think? They are hurting and they are fishing for suckers. They are trying to scare you. Just ignore them. One chargeback scammer is offering monthly payment plans.

The chargeback claims are also going to be old claims … more than a year old. If less than a year old, your E&O insurance provider would pay for your alleged mistake that caused damage. The insurance company would DEMAND significant details and the damage claimed may not exist. It’s a scam. I have never lived in a home that had a roof leak. Have you? The mortgage order mills are on life support and some are creating fraudulent ways to make money. Don’t be a sucker. Don’t be scammed on 3-year old roof leaks. Foreclosurepedia has already named some of the MOMs who are running this scam.

 Avoid the mortgage segment. Be happy. Believe me when I say that there are some really ugly Mortgage Order Mills. Some use the “Leaking Roof” scam for chargebacks. I have probably heard about 100+ leaking roofs that damaged the interior of a vacant home. They we’re all old claims. What BULLSHIT! Shame on them for the way they treat hard working people. Don’t get started working in the mortgage segment. Many of the mortgage order mills are failing and they need money … hence the “Leaking Roof” chargeback scam. TODAY they are trying to recover damages from a roof that leaked 3 years ago.

I am not an attorney, but I played an attorney in a high school play … so I do know the law! My client in the play was found not guilty. The high school newspaper said I was a great attorney.


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