Why Hasn’t HUD Created A Specification & Instructions For Boarding Windows With Polycarbonate?

HUD created a specification many years ago for bolt-boarding windows with plywood. They provided specifications and instructions on how to perform the task. This information was provided in their property preservation guidelines. The guidelines issued on May 13, 2010 included bolt-boarding window instructions and pool covering instructions. This information was removed in the next version of the guidelines although the information was still valid.

So what can’t HUD write a specification and instructions for bolt-boarding windows with polycarbonate. What am I missing? Maybe NAMFS can write a specification with instructions and get it approved by HUD. Why is polycarbonate boarding so different than plywood boarding? It seems to me that HUD and Fannie-Mae are STEERING all of the property preservation mechanics to two mortgage order mills (MOMs). Is it right for the Government to pick the providers of polycarbonate boarding materials? The polycarbonate material is available through hundreds of suppliers and distributers. This sounds like mob-boss tactics. What do you think?

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