Minimum $4,000 Buy Required For Polycarbonate For Window Boarding

I am hearing that Fannie-Mac has approved window boarding with polycarbonate. One of the two Fannie-Mae required suppliers requires a minimum $4,000 order of materials.

I performed property preservation in Fairfax County in Virginia for 10 years. During that 10-year time frame,  I boarded only one small window at a home in Woodbridge, Virginia. Fairfax County is a very nice county. It is now the second-richest county in the nation with a median annual household income of $112,021.  I just did not find broken windows or leaking roofs. I never has to tarp a roof.

Some property preservation mechanics will not be doing a lot of window boarding. Yet, they are being require to place minimum $4,000 polycarbonate order. That makes no sense at all. Maybe property preservation should not be a calling for some people. Maybe it is best to just avoid the mortgage segment and not spend money on materials that are not needed.

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