Are You Still Waiting To Be Paid By A Deadbeat Mortgage Order Mill?

I heard another complain this morning about a Virginia Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) who owes a mortgage inspector about $700. I referred this inspector over to Foreclosurepedia.Org. They published a post about the same firm a few weeks ago and the mortgage inspector got paid the next day.

I hope that the mortgage inspector who was helped by Paul Williams donated 20% of the payment received to Foreclosurepedia.Org. Without the help of Paul Williams’s bringing attention to the matter, she would have got nothing. Paul Williams is not a debt collector. Paul is a news reporter like WESH 2 in Orlando. The TV station runs news stories on deadbeat firms in the Orlando area.

You are welcome to attach comments to this post about some of your experiences in the mortgage segment. My advice is to steer clear of the mortgage segment.

I suggest that you avoid any Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) based in Virginia. I have sent emails to WTTG Channel 5 … FOX News who cover Virginia. I have asked them to contact the mortgage inspector and investigate why he has not been paid. I did not disclose the name of the MOM to WTTG. I’ll let the victim do that.

Contact WTTG channel 5 if you need help in getting paid by any Virginia MOM.

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