Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) Paying $10 For An Exterior/Interior REO Property Condition Report

The Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) is not only cheap, but they are telling the mortgage inspectors in their network that they must accept these way under priced $10 exterior/interior REO property condition reports if they want to get any more work. You must do what they tell you to do. They are bullies! When you accept these $10 inspections you are just wasting time and losing money on every one. You are hurting yourself and you are hurting others. Stupid is as stupid does. You will get everything that you truly deserve. Grow up! You are no longer in high school. Stop being bullied by a Mortgage Order Mill. Do the math. Work for better companies. Stop being so stupid. Don’t be a loser. Who are the bullies? What do you say?

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