Your Customer Was Traveling On Your Money …. That’s Why They Did Not Respond To Your Demands To Be Paid

I have been to Tokyo as I lived in Japan for four years while I was in the Navy serving our great country. I also climbed Mount Fuji. I have also visited Cancun in Mexico. The trip for the Cancun trip was from money I earned when I worked for Computer Sciences Corporation as a systems engineer. I did not cheat anyone out of their hard-earned money. I used money that I had earned … while working hard … like you.

Foreclosurepedia tells a story about a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) where the owners traveled extensively at the expense of unpaid mortgage field inspectors. Paul Williams talks about the trips to Tokyo, Cancun and to other great places. He also discloses that the same Mortgage Order Mill is currently in good standing with NAMFS. Yes, they are a May 2017 member of NAMFS and NAMFS is well aware of their history.

I have not verified any of this information, so I will let you read the story.

I will tell you that the Mortgage Segment is the home of 99.5% of all of the fraud, greed and corruption in the field services industry.


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