HUD Master Key Code Changes Have Started … It Took Over 25 Years To Change The HUD Master Padlock Key Code

HUD needs to do a better job of limiting access to the new master key codes. The change is coming because the key codes have been seriously compromised. The real question is how soon will the new master key codes start showing up on E-bay, Amazon, lock-supplier websites, craigslist, Mortgage Order Mill PDFs found on Google searches and property preservation yahoo groups.

The new HUD master key codes will be compromised again … for sure. The real question is how long with it be before key codes need to be changed again. This is just a stop-gap measure and it will not measure up to the security standards used by the real estate industry to protect access to homes. Master key codes are like communications crypto keys. Once you have the code, you have easy undetected access to the keyed-alike HUD pool of assets. The wide-spread online compromise of the new master key codes or a significant incident reported in the media will trigger the next change.

HUD was the very first leaker of master key codes as in the past they included the master key codes in their Mortgagee Letters … which the public could download from the HUD portal website at

Wells Fargo has already started to implement the mandatory HUD lock changes.

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