Mortgage Inspectors Cannot Be Trusted … No Photos … No Pay

What is with all of these Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) who do not trust the people who work for them? When you winterize, you need a photo of every toilet with pink in the bowl. You cannot be trusted. You cannot just simply say that you took care of the task … you have to prove it with lots of photos. More detail is required while the fees are so low. Your time is worth nothing! You cannot be trusted. Maybe they think you are just stupid!

Below is a MOMs written photo requirements for not being able to gain access to a property trying multiple doors and multiple keys for an interior inspection.

“If you are unable to gain access to the interior of the property it is essential that both notes and pictures are provided. If possible you must provide pictures attempting all the keys on all the doors.

This has become a MAJOR priority for our clients. All jobs where this is not completed will be returned for redo. Thank you.”

How many keys are there to try? How many doors?

“You are my only patient who has had a complete nervous breakdown from checking multiple door locks with multiple keys. How many keys were you using to try to open each door? How many photos were required? Why are the inspection fees so low? You made no profit on that job. Do you have good health insurance?”

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