Let The Competition On Clearboard (Polycarbonate) Begin

Fannie Mae Clearboard … also called polycarbonate … is now available at Home Depot. I read this in an email from Foreclosurepedia. I expect that Lowes will soon offer the same products and get Fannie-Mae approval. Two of the large Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) are offering their brand of polycarbonate to board windows on Fannie-Mae foreclosure homes.

So what happens if a MOM says you must use their brand of clearboard if you want to work for them? Does that make you an employee and not an independent contractor? I am not an attorney. What do you think?

You can purchase materials at Home Depot and Lower on credit. I get a 10% retired military discount on all of my purchases at these stores. Veterans can get 10% off on special holidays.

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