Manufacturing Jobs In America: They’re Not Coming Back

United States manufacturing jobs are not coming back. Maybe it is time to make some changes at HUD, VA, Fannie-Mae and Freddie-Mac on lock and lockbox purchases for foreclosure homes. Are any locks made in the U.S. anymore? Are all of the locks coming out of China?

Maybe it is time that HUD, VA and the GSEs start requiring the purchase of U.S. made lock and lockbox products. Is there a USA manufacturer of locks?

And, why can’t locks be recycled? Why does a new lock have to go onto every foreclosure home? I started rekeying and recycling locks and saved thousands of dollars every year. Install new bottom pins costing about 20-cents and the lock is ready to be reused. There are many YouTube videos on how to rekey a lock. Locks don’t wear out. They can be recycled many, many times and they will work great.

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