HUD Secretary Ben Carson Discusses His Policy On “Fairness”

On March 6, 2017, Secretary Ben Carson said this to HUD employees:

“One of the things you will notice in this department under my leadership is that there will be a very big emphasis on fairness for everybody,” Carson told the staff. “Everything that we do, every policy; no favorites for anybody, no extra for anybody, but complete fairness for everybody. Because that is what the founders of this nation had in mind, and if you read the Constitution, it becomes very clear that that was the goal.”

As a speaker at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Carson quoted Proverbs 11:25 and said “The generous prosper and are satisfied: those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed”.

There is too much greed, fraud and corruption in the Mortgage Segment of the industry. Some of the Mortgage Order Mills are greedy bastards that are hurting field service representatives and hurting taxpayers. Some of the Mortgage Order Mills … with their fraud … are more than hurting people … they are destroying the lives of hard working people.

I am hopeful that the “Think Big” author Secretary Ben Carson will bring attention to solving the many problems in the Mortgage Segment of the industry.

Paul Williams at Foreclosurepedia.Org sent me an email this week where he identified a Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) who was paying contractors $18 a cubic yard for debris removal when the HUD cost allowable is $50. This is grossly unfair. About one-third of the cost allowable was being paid to the contractor and the MOM was keeping two-thirds. You want to avoid such contractors.

The name of the Mortgage Order Mill has already been reported up the line to Craig Karnes at the HUD’s Atlanta Contracting Operations Office.

Email and tell me if you have been treated unfairly by a Mortgage Order Mill. Tell me your story about fraud, greed and corruption in the Mortgage Segment. Let me help move your story up the chain of command at HUD.

Complete fairness for everybody is the policy at HUD.

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