Americans Are Feeling Good About The Economy … Inspectors Are Moving Far Away From $3 Mortgage Inspections

Many of the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) are having a difficult time finding mortgage field inspectors willing to perform $3 mortgage inspections which “maybe” yield a profit of $1.50. The startup costs for a background check and E&O insurance is about $1,265. You will need an expensive digital camera with a date-time stamp and GPS capability. The wait time for the first pay check is sometimes 60-days.

Some of the MOMs are offering new mortgage inspectors a HUGE jar of Nutella as a signup bonus for $3 mortgage inspections. The strategy is that you will get a SUGAR HIGH and sign their 60-page independent contractor agreement which includes a 5-year obligation to stay on. You will love the Nutella. The sugar highs sometimes last for days. You should not sign any legal documents during that time.

You will wear out your car serving huge service areas which will include high-crime neighborhoods. Your vendor manager will say that is is okay to go into backyards and peep into windows as you will be exempt from complying with all federal and state laws. The vendor manager knows the law from watching re-runs of the TV program Boston Legal. You will be up late at night processing reports and the Nutella will help keep you awake.

The “Chicks” will love your worn-out car.

What would Adolf Hitler say about $3 mortgage inspections?

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