Foreclosurepedia Says NAMFS Hegemony In Decline

“Hegemony is another word for leadership or dominance. George, when I said to you that NAMFS hegemony is in decline, I am saying that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) has finally lost its control over the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In fact, the tell tale signs are everywhere. Foreclosurepedia recently reported upon the initial $2.2 Million jury verdicts against Assurant Field Asset Services (Assurant) for misclassifying employees as independent contractors. With dozens more jury verdicts pending, that number is expected to eclipse $4 Million. Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS), in a nearly identical lawsuit headed to jury trial later this year, is expected to shell out well over $55 Million. Neither Assurant nor MCS are expected to be able to recover. And while many NAMFS Members are taking a wait and see approach to correcting the error of their ways, the reality is that most are simply dumping yet more legalese into their unconstitutional contracts pertaining to W9 provisions. Ironic, as the 50 Page Bowerman Ruling, which cost Assurant their first $2 Million, stated it was the Work Order and not the Contract that mattered.”

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