Recycling Key Codes Is Not The Solution … Electronic Locks Or Lockboxes Are Needed To Control Access To HUD Properties

SOFI does not publish HUD master key codes and SOFI does not sell any locks, lockboxes or keys. SOFI respects that HUD needs to restrict and control all of their sensitive master key codes. They need to control and monitor access to their HUGE  pool of assets.

HUD handles the security of their HUGE pool or assets like you would expect at a rundown Motel 6 that still uses keys. HUD needs to move to ELECTRONIC … access controlled … locks or lockboxes. They need a new 2017 security plan. Recycling key codes will not work. HUD has no control over the security of HUD assets. HUD needs to get it right … and do it NOW!

Talk to some of the people at Walmart and even they will tell you that HUD security for pool assets is extremely out-of-date. If a Walmart customer says the system is not secure … it is not secure. Visit the Walmart in Vienna, Virginia … talk to customers …  and ask for some opinions on HUD security … a system of recycling Kwikset keys … a system where everyone is selling the HUD master keys online to anyone. HUD master keys are selling online for 99-cents.

Mr. Secretary … Think Big … Think NEW Electronic Locks or Lockboxes.

In your book “Think Big”, you talk about hope. You write … hope for all good things and be HONEST. Be honest Mr. Secretary. You know that HUD security is out of date. Be honest … change is needed. A leader makes new trails. Talk to the people on your staff who will provide logical and honest answers. Find the people you can trust. If you can not get logical and honest answers, then visit the Walmart in Vienna, Virginia this weekend. Get some opinions at Walmart on HUD security.

Electronic locks or lockboxes are needed NOW … be honest about it. Make the decision to go electronic. Protect HUD’s pool of assets.

Mr. Secretary … Think Big … President Trump selected you and he wants you to think big.

Think NEW electronic locks or lockboxes.

Secretary Carson … both of us grew up as very young adults watching Captain James T. Kirk … the Captain of the starship USS Enterprise-D. The television series stated at the end of 1966. At that time I was an Ensign … Naval Flight Officer … flying combat support missions off of the U.S. attack aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65). When Captain Kirk wanted immediate action taken on the USS Enterprise-D, he always said “make it so”. Captain Kirk taught us both as young adults to make tough decisions and become leaders.

I served on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65). I had to make tough decisions. I was awarded 13 Air Medals. Secretary Carson … your USS Enterprise is the USS HUD. I support you and I want you as the 17th HUD secretary to be the best secretary. You are the Captain of the ship. I only ask that you make great decisions like Captain Kirk did. He was a great leader. The USS HUD needs some damage control and some very needed repairs.

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