So Your Bid On That HUD Property Preservation Task Was Too High … But, Did HUD Really Approve The Bid … Get Paid … & The Job Went To A Lower Bidder?

“So I submitted a high bid and HUD approved the bid.
Then the Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) shopped the task
around and hired another contractor to do the job.
The MOM was paid the higher price that I bid. If
they can’t find a lower bid, they will demand that I
lower the price if I want more work. They are
playing games with both me and HUD.”

SOFI has created a database for bids that you were told were not accepted by HUD. We will offer the information in this database to HUD. HUD can looked at the bids that they have approved and see if the approved bidder got the bid or if it was shopped around and provided to a lower bidder while the higher bid was submitted for HUD approval.

Email your unaccepted or reduced bids to Call 321-543-2809 if you want to chat.

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