People Often Get What They Deserve

People often get what they deserve. I am talking about someone making bad decisions. The below paragraph taken out of the terms of agreement of a HUD subcontract was discussed at Foreclosurepedia. Paul Williams has been asking HUD to slap the contractor, but HUD is just slow rolling it. HUD is playing games. I certainly would not work for a firm with the below restriction in the terms and conditions of employment. It takes away your rights under the law. HUD knows that … they refuse to do what is right in accordance with FAR!

Subcontractor agrees and commits to not disparage, denigrate, defame, discredit, dishonor, injure, or otherwise communicate negatively about PE, directly or indirectly, while this Agreement is active and thereafter. This clause applies to both oral and written communications, including social media and other online type postings. […] The only exception for this section shall be if Subcontractor makes truthful statements about PE when compelled by court order, legal proceeding, or otherwise required by law.​ — Purdy Enterprise Disparagement Clause

What you have to do is carefully read all contracts and don’t accept work from any firm that has no respect for your legal rights. If you make a bad decision, you are responsible for your decision. People often get what they deserve. If you don’t protect your rights … you deserve what you get. I would not work for Purdy. I would not work for any HUD M&M contractor who shows disrespect for my rights. Stand your ground!

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