HUD Not Responding On The Status Of HUD M&M Contract Progress

HUD M&M is not talking.

Foreclosurepedia has questions … listed below … about the HUD M&M program. HUD has no answers. There are a lot of problems in the mortgage segment of the industry. Two federal district courts have said that property preservation specialist are “employees”.

“I am respectfully requesting the most recent REO HOC Inventory and Activity Trend Report. This report has been released, in the past, without the necessitation of FOIA and I am hopeful that this tradition might be continued. I have attached a copy of the last one I received to buttress my case.

With that said, my reasoning for requesting such is to attempt to make sense of the landscape present today for both the AM and FSM Contractors whom appear to be having difficulties even getting into gear. An example of such is the salient point that Alpine FP is unable to even gain P260 Access in Illinois and while on the FSM side PKMG has been transferring assets to Innotion (under an SBA 355 protest), there have been zero acquisitions since 31JUL17.

I am getting similar reports across the US on both AM and FSM sides and the jitters are beginning to manifest as realities.”


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