Mortgage Order Mill (MOM) Staffers … Go To Prison Or Become A Millionaire … Your Choice

So, you are on the staff of a large national or regional Mortgage Order Mill (MOM). Your crooked boss has asked you to cook the books … to rig some of the bids. You know it is wrong. You know it is criminal. You are living on the edge. You had to cook the books to keep your job. The False Claims Act may be your way out.

Where you go in life depends upon the decisions you make. You are in charge of your life. You can be part of the fraud fest and believe that you will never get caught. You could go to prison for a very long time. Your co-worker sees what is going on in the company and talks to an attorney specializing in the False Claims Act.

If you are the co-worker and an attorney likes your case, they will work for you … for free … and present  the information you provide to the Government. The result could be tens of millions of dollars paid to you by the Government. The Government wants to give you money … maybe millions … for your insider information. The Government will probably also bring criminal charges against your crooked boss.

So you have two choices. Go to prison or become a millionaire. Be stupid on be smart. Work growing tomatoes on the prison farm or retire early and purchase your dream house with the money that the Government wants to give to you. You have some decisions to make. Be smart.

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