HUD Master Key Codes Are Like Crypto Communication Codes … When You Know The Code You Have Undetected Access

Codes have been used throughout history whenever people wanted to keep messages private. In American history, George Washington sent coded messages to his agents and the Culper Spy ring used codes to communicate with each other. Members of the Continental Congress also encoded their documents. Safes have a combination to protect valuable assets. Security ends when the safe combination is compromised. Below is an encrypted CIA message. The unencrypted message is shown below the image.


HUD master keys to the HUD pool of assets are like crypto communication codes. Once you know the key code, you have easy access to the HUD property. Unfortunately these HUD master key codes have been compromised. One of the keys codes has been around for about 25 years. This has been reported to HUD. They are very much aware of the compromise.

The HUD master key codes are easily found online and master keys can be purchased. Everyone seems to be selling HUD master keys online. The profits are huge. The keys come from China. Chinese blank keys are about 6-cents. USA made keys are about 15-cents. Cut keys sell online as low as 99-cents and as high as $6.95.

HUD plans to change the post-conveyance master key codes this Fall … the schedule has slipped. I expect that the new HUD key codes will be quickly compromised and be available to purchase online before Halloween. None of the pre-conveyance key codes will be changed anytime soon and that is the huge majority of the so called HUD “protected properties”. There seems to be no rush to implement a modern electronic security system which is so badly needed.

HUD needs to move to electronic locks or lockboxes. What would Adolf Hitler think about the HUD master key code changes?

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