U.S. Consumer Comfort Spikes To 16 Year Highs … This Means Death For The Mortgage Segment

The consumer comfort index has spiked to a 16-year high. A large number of Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs) who are Satan worshipers will be getting together in September and November in Orlando and Baltimore. They will be praying to Satan for another much needed economic recession. There will be prayer breakout groups.

Trump is creating jobs and is killing the Mortgage Order Mills (MOMs). Support vendors will be selling locks, lockboxes and Trump voodoo dolls with the pins included. All attendees will be shown in a break-out session on how to properly pin a Trump voodoo doll.

A medical tent will be available to support the Mortgage Order Mills who are so very close to death.

Two federal district courts have adjudicated that property preservation specialists are employees and not independent contractors. The Department of Labor will have a booth and provide information on the proper classification of employees vs. independent contractors.

HUD has announced that they are changing the HUD master key codes for the post-conveyance pool of assets. The pre-conveyance HUD master keys will not change and will still be easily available online from a dozen or more sellers. The HUD new master keys will be available for 59-cents.

The old HUD keys are great for making fishing lures. There are also many other great uses for old HUD keys. The below two help videos will be shown on the big screen right after the keynote address.

What would Adolf Hitler think about the HUD master key code changes?

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