I Quit Selling Amway Products … I Now Sell HUD Master Keys Online … I Have Moved From Dining On Hamburgers To Dining On Ribs & Steaks

I quit selling Amway products and I now sell HUD master keys online. The profits are huge. Every week I go grocery shopping and I fill up two shopping carts with ribs and steaks. I eat out at least twice a week.

I order my USA- made Kwikset blank keys from ILCO in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for 10-cents each. I have a used key cutter that I picked up for $200. It takes about 90-seconds to cut a key. I sell the cut keys online for $6.95 each. I sell 10-key sets for $49.99. The profits are huge.

Disclosure: This blog post is intended only to persuade HUD to move to electronic locks or electronic lockboxes. Although this online selling activity is legal and engaged in by many others, I would never sell HUD master keys online and compromise the security of the HUD pool of assets … which is already compromised. I would never disclose very sensitive HUD master key codes. Secretary Benjamin Carson is my Secretary of HUD. I support Secretary Carson and I have written him on this security matter.

I only wish that Secretary Carson’s staff would provide him with better advice and solve this security problem with modern day electronic locks or electronic key boxes. One of the HUD master key codes has been unchanged for over 25 years. HUD’s key security is what you would expect at a 1950’s Motel-6. Electronic locks or electronic lockboxes would be a security infrastructure build that would be applauded by President Trump. Both Secretary Carson and President Trump authored books titled “Think Big”. Think big Dr. Carson and fix this huge security problem. Tell your staff to make it happen NOW!

Watch the video and listen to the wonderful sound of money being made.

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