Kidney Stones Are Painful … So Is Not Getting Paid For Performing Mortgage Inspections For A Month

Sana Agha-Raza is an ER doctor who studied at Imperial College London and worked in a hospital emergency room (ER). In talking about pain she commented: “I’d say the one pain that isn’t inflicted and considered the worst painful sensation is renal colic caused by kidney stones. We use a pain score from 1–10, one being completely comfortable and 10 being the worst pain you’ve ever felt, and without exception anyone who is in the process of passing a stone through their ureter, scores their pain 10/10. Renal colic is felt in the right or left flank (rarely both sides), and can radiate towards the groin. It would initially be felt in waves, but can become constant. It is the sort of pain that makes grown men cry in agony, and I know a few women who say the renal colic they have suffered is worse than their childbirth without analgesia. I wouldn’t wish renal colic on my enemy!”

I talked to a Hispanic couple living in Atlanta who were laid off from their jobs. They started performing mortgage inspections for another mortgage inspector who was getting work from a National Mortgage Order Mill (MOM). The both worked 10 hour days for a month. In the end, they were not paid. The pain score for that job was a 1o on a scale of 10.

Avoid pain. Avoid mortgage inspections.

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