Watch The Mortgage Order Mill Games Begin In Texas

It’s near the end of the month … the peak time of the month for completing all of those low-fee mortgage inspections. Houston is under water … but, the inspections must be completed on time or there will be no pay. I have seen this happen with other disasters. With some Mortgage Order Mills, you will not get paid if the inspections are late. The fact that the roads are under water and there is no electric or cell service does not matter.

Some of the Mortgage Order Mills won’t pay you for completed work when it is clear and sunny, so why would they pay you when your city is underwater? I talked to a Houston mortgage inspection who was not being paid before the storm clouds arrived. He is working for a Northern Virginia Mortgage Order Mill with a well documented record of slow-pay and no-pay complaints.

It is best to just avoid the mortgage segment of the industry. It is the home of low-fee inspections and 99.5% of the fraud, greed and corruption in the industry.

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