It’s Time For Houston Property Preservation Specialists To Smell The Cheese … The Cheese Being Jobs

Hurricane Harvey has destroyed many lives in the Houston metropolitan area. People will need to rebuild their wind and water damaged homes. There will not be enough contractors available in the area to start the rebuilding process.

Skilled property preservation specialists need to move away for the $15 grass cuts and the $15 per cubic yard debris removal tasks and start the process of rebuilding Houston … real jobs and real money. There is no money in the property preservation tasks for vacant and abandoned foreclosure homes. Some of the Mortgage Order Mills are very close to death … they are on life support. When an order mill is on life support, the contractor in the field in the last person to get paid. The quicker you let go of old cheese, the sooner that you will find new cheese.

It’s time to smell the cheese. It’s time to find new cheese. The new cheese is rebuilding Houston and not working for a Mortgage Order Mill where you are paid low fees and where you may not get paid. Enjoy change. Change happens … embrace it.

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