The Irony Of It … And The Result Is Not Amusing

Irony is a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.

I applaud HUD Secretary Ben Carson for working hard to bring affordable FHA housing to minorities in American. He is working ward to bring home ownership to minorities. That’t great.

So you have a minority person who works as a mortgage field inspector and earns $3 for a mortgage inspection with “maybe” a profit of $1.50. Almost all of the $25 fee that HUD pays for a mortgage inspection is taken by the bank or bank servicer or Mortgage Order Mill. The mortgage field inspectors gets a few crumbs. To get the job, that minority mortgage field inspector has to pay upfront about $1,265 for E&O insurance and a background check. Then to top it off, the minority mortgage field inspector does not get paid by the HUD-PAID WHITE Mortgage Order Mill for the work performed.

So you have a BLACK Secretary of HUD … and I support Dr. Carson and President Trump … bringing affordable housing to minorities. Then you have WHITE Mortgage Orders mills ripping off the minorities to where they can’t pay their bills and then they lose their home in foreclosure. It’s ironic, but not very amusing. HUD M&M contract officers have also sanctioned contracting language which in violation of FAR and which takes away the first amendment rights of field service representatives … they have no right to complain about their treatment.

HUD helps minorities, but they don’t stop others from hurting them.

I have talked to a Houston field service inspector this week who is a minority person working for a WHITE Mortgage Order Mill in Virginia and performing HUD inspections. This Virginia Mortgage Order Mill has a well known record for ripping off field service representatives. The Houston field service inspector is not getting paid while he is in waist high flood water.

Some of the WHITE Mortgage Order Mills are playing games and not paying minorities and females. It’s best to just avoid the Mortgage Segment .. the home of fraud, greed and corruption. If you are a minority or female in the Mortgage Segment, you are a target for well-documented abuse.

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